Friday, June 29, 2012

Time to talk about SANGRIA

Is it time to talk about sangria?

My girlfriend Michelle (here we are at the SUPER BOWL!) emailed me this week looking for a SANGRIA recipe.  It made me so happy, because I LOVE SANGRIA....I had just made a pitcher of SANGRIA on Sunday night and even took some pics -- you lucky readers!  (I'm trying to mention SANGIA as much as possible, can you tell?)

Here's the thing.  It's almost silly to try to give a recipe for sangria.  (It's like giving a "recipe" for salsa.)  You can basically put anything in there, and voila -- it's salsa...or know what I mean.
But here is my base, my everyday standard sangria.

Ingredients: lemon, lime, peach, apricot, plum, red wine, soda water – OPEN MIND?

Slice 1 lemon, 1 lime, 1 peach, 1 apricot, 1 plum (Make pretty rounds with the citrus.) Put slices in a pitcher & cover with ¼ cup sugar. (You can add brandy too at this point, one quarter cup – to fortify it as my husband says.) Let stand at room temperature for half hour. Then muddle up the fruit a bit with a wooden spoon, the sugar will start to dissolve with the juices. Add a bottle dry, red wine (Spanish, inexpensive works great – don’t splurge on good wine here, you don’t need it, save that for a linen napkin dinner party.)f Stir thoroughly and let stand at room temperature for about an hour. Just before serving, add ice cubes and 1 cup of soda water. Stir briskly until it is very cold and serve it in chilled glasses. There’s no sense arguing over sangria – if you google there are at least 100 different recipes with all different fruit. Just make what YOU like.

Here's a shot from last summer.  I poured this glass and hand to GAWD --- the fruit just looked back at me with this happy sangria smile.  Do you see it?  Of course you do! 

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