Sunday, July 29, 2012

One more triathlon down, one to go!

So I finished my 2nd triathlon last Sunday.  It was a huge amount of fun. 

I did the packet pick-up and dinner out at Skipjacks the night before with a new friend Amanda.  She's a serious athlete.  I think she was worried b/c I had put my estimated finish time at 1:45?  She was like "um Sharon, is that a realistic time for you, are you planning on walking the 5K?"

But I had only but 1:45 down b/c I had NO IDEA what time I'd finish in.  Well I had a little idea, but who knows?

So the morning of the race, my daughter and her BFF joined me at the race.  I had teased them about making me posters & signs.  They are WAY too cool for that.  Here is me checking into the race with my bike. Don't I look fab in my track jacket?

I was a little nervous putting my transition area together.  We were assigned a rack based on our bib number so that was good, but I kept looking at all the folks around me and making sure I had all the correct elements.  One thing I lack is biking shoes.  I bike AND run in the same pair - which has really worked out fine so far.  It helps be with that second transition time for sure.  While everybody else is changing into their sneakers I just run out!

So I went out with the 40 somethings on the swim-bright yellow bathing caps.  I had butterflies.  I was afraid of getting kicked and although I knew in my heart I can swim 1/4 mile, I was also a little afraid of drowning.  When I got in, I was shocked at how fast the pack went out.  I had a really hard time finding my groove.  The stroke just wasn't coming together for me.  I got kicked and slapped a bunch too, but I was doing plenty of kicking and slapping on my own. Here is me getting out of the water. 

I did as my clinic had prepared me and I SWAM until my fingers were dragging in sand.  (apparently a lot of people walk when they can see the bottom and that is a bad thing? -- you are suppose to keep swimming)

Then I felt really strong running to the bike.  It was a bit of a haul!  But I got into my socks and sneakers quick.  My quick tie laces FAILED!  The left one broke!  I was bummed but there was nothing I could do, and since I run in the Nike Frees, they are basically like slippers I don't need them to be too tight.

Here's one of the signs my girl fans made me.  They were all three of this genre.  They call me Shawkward (Sharon + Awkward = Shawkward)

The bike went pretty well.  It was really hilly though. Serious hills.  I had to put my bike all the way in the easiest gear (which gives me fits b/c once when I changed into this gear the chain popped off) But my chain stayed on.  And I made it to the top of the hills.  Amanda passed me near the end of the bike part.  (Remember she started about 6 minutes behind me in the younger gals wave!) 

For the run, I didn't have that dead leg feeling that I had after the Escape the Cape triathlon, but I didn't seem to be passing anyone either!  I really have to work on treating these events as RACES!  I need to be catching people. 
When I got to the 1 mile mark I was like, "what? That felt like two miles?"  But I kept on and eventually crossed the finish line. 

Here's me almost there.(I know this is a protected image.  I will take it down soon.)  I'm horrified at how twisted my body looks here.  And my foot looks to be striking way ahead of my body instead of under my center of mass, which is what I aim for.  Alas, all things to work on for the next race..

199 Bib 38 Sharon Lee
CANTON  Time:  1:17:37  14/22   F4044 
200   10:36  174   35:14  214   31:47

As for times, I was a little disappointed when I got them.  I finished 199th with an overall time of 1.17:37
My swim was over 10 minutes, which I think I can definitely improve on.  My bike was 35.14 but that includes T1 (and remember it was a long run from the beach to transition area and I had to get my sneakers on, etc) so I'm actually pretty ok with this time.  It's my run time that kills me.  I should def. be able to do a 5K in under 30 minutes.  And even though this time includes T2, I don't think I could have been in transition for longer than a minute and a half.  It's strange.  That run time just blows my mind.  I need to SPEED UP! 

But I need to let the timing and result thing go, and I think I have.  I'm getting focused on my next race which is THE SHARON on August 12th.  I will work on the swim this week.  It will be double the distance of Wrentham! 

Here's me and Amanda at the finish line (she was 4th in her age group!)  I'd never received a medal for a race before and you should know, I was quite proud. 



  1. WOW a medal!! You feel there is room for improvement than I know you shall improve. Super Proud of YOU! You did it! You did it!! YOU DID IT! Just like Kris now being considered a "runner" I think you can change your profile to not a wanna be triathlete but an accomplished triathlete!!!

  2. Not only are you an awesome triathlete... if you raised your kid with enough humor that she made a "Shawkward" sign for you, I'm giving you a parenting medal too. That's funny stuff! Way to go, girl. You ROCK!