Sunday, July 1, 2012

Schizo playlist...thank you Spotify

Do you have this? I was so pumped when I first got it. ANY SONG, ANY TIME -- FREE!  Whoa baby!

AND...I love the search feature. (I'm not a super music guru - I know what I like, but sometimes couldn't tell you who it is, or the album or any of that stuff.  I know, it's a sin for you musical Montanans in my readership, but I'm just telling the truth here, it's my blog, I'm allowed)

Anyhow, I think I'm going to get the PREMIUM edition now so I can listen to my Spotify playlists OFFLINE.   Particularly when I run. It's completely amazing how a good song can ramp me up!  My runs lately have been a series of desperate negotiations.

They go something like this: "Ok, I'm thinking about stopping now.  I'm super tired.  Ok well you can stop but you must try to get to that light pole, OK but when I get to that light pole I am definitely going to stop.  OK but what if you get to that light pole and you're not tired anymore, OK let's just see how you feel when you get to the light pole.  OK you're here now, at the light pole - do you want to stop?  Ok I guess not.  Maybe I should keep going,  I think I'm in a recovery now.  OK good, I'm tired of listening to you whine.  Suck it up."  REALLY....I badger myself the entire workout.  Unless I'm really wrapped up in a song.  (which totally helps with the schizophrenic dialogue.)

Back to Spotify.  How does the search work?  Well say your listening to a song by the Talking Heads, and you think, hmmm, I think I like the sound of that lead singers voice, and you want to find other people who sound like that someone...there's a related artsist tap, and you can click on one of your or five other people who are "LIKE" him. It can get a little out of control (an endless spiral of musical fun!)  It's very seven degrees (six?) of Separation with Kevin Bacon.  I got from the Ramones to Leonard Cohen in 4 steps!

So the run.  Besides my itunes playlists getting me a little down with their monotony --I'm glad I got a pretty solid 6 mile run in before the bank clock hit 88 degrees.  Spotify premium here I where is my credit card.

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  1. Rock on Rock Sharon and Rock Sharon (the town) as you Rock!!