Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finding a Silver Lining...back to the blog

I'm back blogging, how's that for a silver lining?
Well after a long hiatus which included a trip to Ireland, I'm back.

I know, I know, a blogger who doesn't post for 3 months is hardly a blogger.  I know....I fail.  But I'm picking myself up, finding the silver lining and getting back on this horse.

So that was a perfect segue to Silver Linings Playbook. I posted an image above.  I just went to see it the other night and loved it.  I wasn't sold on it before buying my ticket by ANY means.  I'm not really a believer in Bradley Cooper. But man, it was good.  It's hard to give a synopsis of the movie because it's just about this football loving family with problems and the strategies they take to deal with these obstacles. 

Jennifer Lawrence is really amazing in it.  Here's my favorite line.  She says it with such a raw harsh honesty it shocked me. 
I was a big slut, but I'm not any more. There's always going to be a part of me that's sloppy and dirty, but I like that. With all the other parts of myself. Can you say the same about yourself fucker? Can you forgive? Are you any good at that?
Just go see it and tell me what you think.  Maybe I liked it so much because I'm a football fan and there's a lot of NFL joo-joo in the film.  Robert DeNiro plays the book making father of Bradley Cooper - the down and out bi-polar jock son who is dealing with his wife leaving him and a complete mental collapse.  Ok, no spoilers, but with a title like Silver Linings Playbook it's really no surprise that you get to leave the theater smiling.

I could post about my AMAZING guitar skills!  (I've been teaching myself this past year you know)
Here she is.... I'm actually just barely getting to where what I'm doing sounds like music.

This weekend a friend of mine let me borrow an amp.  Now I can play LOUD!  It's pretty amazing.  There are chords that I said, I will NEVER be able to master that (the G) that I can play blindfolded now.  Its crazy how your fingers just start to have a memory!

I'm currently working hard on the B minor chord.  It's got a bar in it. (Which means you use one finger to cover up several strings, in B minor case it's five strings)  I think once I can master the B minor, it will be all about learning to strum.  And overcoming this ugly thing that happens when I try to sing I lose ALL sense of rhythm.  It's very strange.

Ok, my commitment is to post one blog per week for the next 52 weeks. 


  1. First of all, I concur with my friend Kristine, second of all, I was totally convinced you spelled "segue" wrong, so much so that I forced Wikipedia to pronounce it for me. Thirdly, I am going to see the movie based on the quote. Anyone who ends their sentence with the word "fucker" is unabashedly more interesting than someone who ends it with a word like "baby". Fourth, (I stopped myself from "fourthly) please don't use the word "joo-joo ever again. Your blog doesn't blow......your hiatus did. Welcome back, Red.

  2. thank you girlies. joo-joo was in the movie. please go see it, you will like. money back guarantee. (not really)