Thursday, May 31, 2012

Amazing people in my life

Sometimes I get to feeling alone in Massachusetts.  I get to feeling alone in the world.  I forget the amazing people I have all around me and walk into my cave with blinders on (way worse than the Oakley shades I tease people about.) and I spin in my head and hopefully decide to workout or at least sweat (instead of eating gobstoppers) until that stinking feeling has left me.

When I pull myself out.  I stop for a minute.  I think about the amazing people I've got at my back.

Today, I thought about my sister in law Karen.  We've been friends a long time, since we met in the late 80's I guess.  We are dreamers of dreams -- in the best way.  We've written together, laughed together, and eaten lots of sushi together.  Karen sent me her newsletter today.  She's working for Juice Plus!  She's growing a TOWER of food on her roof deck...isn't this just amazing!  No really, its amazing, and you should get one!  I'm adding a link to her stuff, because really she is amazing! Karen's site

Not to mention her awesome kids --- lets talk about my nephew Francis -- who won a giant Hershey bar and then instead of eating it, decided to raffle it off to make $ for somebody ELSE!  Fabulous right!

There's my neighbor Karen, who although she needs a new hip -(really she will kill me for typing that) -- would walk through fire for me.  She helped me clean my house for my holiday party!  She works full time and helped ME clean MY house.  Did I mention she works full time?  She's on the right in this picture in the red dress.  We are still working on teaching her to smile naturally. We are exactly 11.5 years apart, her birthday is my 1/2 birthday, and visa versa.  I expect a 1/2 a cake annually.

And of course my family.  But especially my sister Lisa, the smartest person I know.  I don't say woman because I don't need to qualify her as a female, she's the smartest, period.  She's taking a 16 week sabbatical next year.  Yes, you read that, 16 weeks.  I'm going to be part of that 16 weeks, we're going to try to do something sporty, like a half marathon or a triathlon, or maybe an outward bound.  She's in Seattle which is the only downside to our relationship -- when I think to call her (like now) she'd be in bed or ready to kill me for wrecking her morning routine.

Then there's my girlfriend Michelle (she's on the far right in this pic)-- She attended the SUPER BOWL with me!  She's not even a Patriots fan but she plunked down her money to get a ticket and go to the game!  Love her!

She's writing an online profile of herself for (sorry Michelle) and we are trying to make it funny.  It turned out really good. I tell you, if my girlfriend Michelle can't get a good guy, then there is no hope for anyone.   


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