Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moustaches are EVERYWHERE!

So the parents are on their way to the airport.  Their flight is not for another 4 hours but they are in their 70's and per that age, they like to arrive a good time 1/2 day in advance....(note to my daughter, don't ever take me to the airport more that 2 hrs in advance)

I talked to my girlfriend Kristy this morning.  we laughed about those crazy people who think their kids are super gifted and act all, I don't know the word -- CRAZY is all I can think of.  Its usually people with one child.  right?  What is it about the one child thing?  The focus?  Yes probably the focus and the time.

Ok what else.
What the hell is going on with MUSTACHES?  I'm seeing mustaches everywhere.  This was something touted as the perfect graduation present for an art student.  Its silly right?

Last October when my girlfriends were out, we bought some wax mustaches at a candy store. they were grapy.  We wore them when leaving the paid lot outside the store and the gate attendant (either b/c he felt so sorry for us, or thought we were idiots) let us leave the lot without paying.  Here is a picture.  It was ridiculous fun.  I found the mustache under my seat a couple of weeks later and did taste it, it still had grapy flavor. 

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