Monday, May 28, 2012

Today I woke up an my whole body hurt.  I don't know why.  I only rode for about 30 minutes yesterday....most mysterious is this shooting pain emanating(sp) from the 3rd toe on my left foot.  It reminds me of the pain I had years ago when I had the shingles....I CANNOT have the shingles this close to my race!

I may take some Aleve.  I did do a 40 minute run and I swam the 1/3 mile in the gym pool....the swim was a pretty good work out.  There was one other person in the pool and I kept getting a periferal glance of him doing these hoppy type moves on the bottom of the pool.  He was a pretty "large" man.  I'm concerned when I see people in the pool wearing just doesn't seem right, right?  Anyhow, good for him for trying.  I tried to keep track of the laps in my head but about halfway through I'm always like, was that 7 or was that 8....damn....anyhow.
Tonight is the parents last night here.  We are going out to PARK in Cambridge.  I'm looking forward to some good food....maybe some seafood?  I will report back my choices, either way, i'm super hungry.  Marica & I had several Dark and Stormy's over the weekend.

Here is my favorite recipe for them.  Not to be confused with a drink that contains Guinness...
Esquire Dark and Stormy recipe

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