Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fried Chicken and a Bishop

I drank a little too much for a triathlete at Reid's confirmation party.  But oh, what the hell.  I'm not playing this round of life again.

It was hotter than HADES as Marcia would say and our Air conditioner only works under the BEST of circumstances.  We must speak to it gently, massage its know.  So we were all sweaty and hot at the party.  But the good news is, The FRIED CHICKEN WAS A HIT!

Marcia, Reid and Me!

Once it arrived.  When I got out of the Mass I had 6 missed calls.  The chicken driver had a flat tire.  Is that believable?  Oh well, he made it to my house a 2pm and the chicken was gone at 3! 

Here is Reid and her sponsor, my beautiful sister in law Brenda with the Bishop outside the church.

I don't know how to rotate a picture, turn your head!

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