Saturday, May 19, 2012

Its just an amazing morning.  Its the perfect temp and the sun is shining.  There is SO much yard work and housework to do it is overwhelming.  There are currently two Norway Maples growing out of my window wells.  For real.  They will be full size trees someday if I don't get them under control -- ie pulled and killed.  I also have some furniture that needs to be picked up (or else I'll have to pay 89 bucks for a delivery), and I need to purchase some sort of table for my back deck.

But I'm trying to decide if I should swim, bike or run today.  I really have to swim, but its the only one of the three that is INDOORS....booooo!  I think I'm going to try and swim in my TRI racing gear.  I have a feeling the top is too small.  The sales person just wanted to make a sale and I was a fool for believing him.  I'm already feeling chafed!

More later, husband giving me an evil eye.

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