Friday, May 18, 2012

What do you think of these?
They're birds made from LEGOS.  I don't know if I endorse this person or not, but I DO think the birds are cool.  I haven't even gotten to the part of the story where I work at a bird factory.  That will be a different post.  Anyhow.....
Lego Birds
In my spare time, I'd make LEGO birds, if I wasn't training for a triathlon and learning the guitar.  And trying to keep my house somewhat clean with two teenage kids inside and one college aged son who swoops in and blows up the place.

This leads me to one thing I've learned, i'm not a great cleaner.  Maybe the spiderwebs just don't bother me that much?  The spot from spaghetti sauce that's on the hardwood kitchen floor?

You know what would make these LEGO birds even cooler?  If they were made of CANDY LEGOS and you could eat them when you were done building them!  THAT would be fantastic.  Let me find just one more link. I'd like to document the kingfisher, because its wicked cool!


  1. I like it how you make yourself sound so busy, i.e. important. You are not. You ARE, however, a terrible house keeper upper and that pleases me as your legs are that of a 20 year old and that ires me because we are the same age.

    It is important to note, that Sharon would test eat the lego birds merely because it has the appearance of candy and because she is a giant carnivore.

  2. We could have made millions with Lego birds!

  3. Correction: Turkey Lego birds...and we could build in a button that screams "GET BIG! GET BIG!"