Thursday, May 17, 2012

Witnesses and voyeurs

I'm in a waiting room -- a large one -- listening for my name.

I'm thinking about my blog...What is it?  Why write it?  I could just buy a pretty patterned journal (more likely a sturdy yellow legal pad) and catalog my thoughts there...simultaneously i'm also thinking about the little trembly handed woman pouring hot water into a Styrofoam cup from the electric kettle...easy there darling...from across the waiting room I see she's quite elderly...i hope she's well...she's inadvertently taken 3 cups (I assume she's not a Styrofoam hoarder-- see I tend think the best of people)

Maybe it's just that life needs a witness...if no one reads, fine..but there ARE things to uncover and maybe then to bury again..

Back9wisdom?  Its a ridiculous name.  But i had to nail down something.  And it fit well in the header.  I'm not completely ok with thinking im half done..but in reality, im probably there....god willing.  Im 43...I've learned some, enough to fill a few bits & bytes...and back again....Oh, there's my name...over a crackly overhead speaker Sharon Lee...
this is me in NYC last winter

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