Monday, June 11, 2012

I ran the WHOLE way damnit!

Ahhhh.....back at my desk.  Monday morning.
Well yesterday I ran the Halfway Cafe 5K in Canton. There is my bib number below. I had been looking forward to it, because the Town of Canton had been promoting the HELL out of it.  It seemed like all of Canton would be running it!  I was most excited that my sister in law Colleen was running it with me.  It was her very first 5K race.  She's been a runner for a while, she's a gutsy one, that Colleen.  We picked up our numbers on Friday night then had a beer together on her back porch.  We debated whether the race would be prepared for the 1000 plus runners that they had allowed into the race!  (NOTE: they were not)

It was a madhouse on race morning and I was really glad that we had arranged a ride -- it would have taken forever to wrangle a parking spot. We were both a little nervous-but excited too.  There was a lot of energy with the 1200 people or so gathered in the Canton Shaws parking lot.  In a desperate attempt to find a bathroom we luckily located a hidden bank of PORT-O-LETs behind the buildings where the race was to set up to begin.

All that said,  it was HOT!  Did I mention, it was HOT!  The race didn't start until 10:30 and the sun was beating down.  I kept thinking about water. I was thirsty already. Would they have enough? The gun sounded and we were off.
When I passed what I thought was the 1 mile mark there was no one yelling out times.  I was kinda bummed b/c I had no idea if I was going fast, slow or on pace.  Then of course there was a giant hill just before the first water station.  Yuck!  I always chant, ATTACK THE HILLS BEFORE THEY ATTACK ME! when I run a hill.  I hope I only do this in my head, but I think I may have been talking aloud - because someone looked over at me and said "ATTACK"

Because it was an out and back course, I knew where the halfway point was and I was again a little disappointed when no one had a time to shout out.  But really --who am I kidding -- at that point I was dealing with this crazy cramp in my right side and my mouth was dry as the Sahara.  I fantasized about the water station I knew I would pass on the way back --thirst was gripping me like a vice.  Passing that same water station they were completely empty!  BUMMER!  I asked a few people who I ran past to squirt me with their hoses and they did -- but one little gal pointed the hose at my FEET!  Cutie patootie - I forgave her this b/c its so great to have people support you when your out running. 

In my mind, (it's a wonderful place in there) I really wanted to run a sub- 27 minute 5K.  I just thought that I could do it.  After all, I've been training, running, riding and swimming a LOT lately.  When I crossed the line the clock said 27:47 and I knew I'd get a few seconds back because of my starting position, but not enough to go sub 27. Oh well, it was my best 5K in a long time.  I finished 95th out of 583 female runners of all age groups (that includes the 20 and 30 somethings)  So there. 

The post race festivities were top notch.  A good Sam Summer Lager post race (ok I had two) and free food and a lot of happy but tired people.  We (well my 35 dollars helped) raised 25,000 for the Cops for Kids Charity.  It was an excellent day, and I hung out by the pool and rested all day Sunday....ahhhhh. 

By the way, I know this is a proof -- i am using it as PROOF -- that I did finish.  And that my leg muscles rock.


  1. Truly, I am.
    Oh I should have mentioned at the Halfway point we all recieved a slap wrist band for half priced wings for the rest of the SUMMER! Who eats wings anymore though? Really? Ok ....whatever.