Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mad Men - and why Sundays just got sucky-er

So what about that Mad Men season finale!  
Were you glued to the set?  Willing to miss the Tony awards to watch it?  Or did you TIVO it (is TIVO still in business?) Sunday night TV just won't be the same -- I'm bracing for a long summer until the NFL network kicks in late August. 

Thoughts on what Don was going to say at the end- is he available?  I sensed a sly look in those eyes! PJ, Aidan and I volleyed that one around the living room a bit.  Maybe now that Don has effectively objectified Megan, he will go back to his old slutty ways.  I don’t know --but I think I’m kind of happy about this-- his flat footing on the moral high ground was beginning to grate! (and speaking of Megan: does she all of a sudden have stones or what?  Sabotaging her friend's interview.  wow, transformation!)

My favorite line of the night came from Mr. Pete Campbell
It was bittersweet -- this coming from the guy that I’ve spent 5 long seasons hating.  Something about his soul-crushing loneliness is starting to get to me. 

Pete: And then he realized… that life with his family was just a temporary bandage on a permanent wound.  Dang!  That's sad, right?

There’s also Megans mom Marie, who totally reminds me of my own mother with her – just get up, stop wallowing and do it yourself attitude.  Her comment to Meghan about her sadness over not getting the callback,  Marie: Not every little girl gets to do what she wants. The world could not support that many ballerinas.  And of course, it’s made better because we all know the line rings true.

But my favorite of the season would have to be my Joan. I love Joan. She's written as such a beautiful woman and the perfect balance for Peggy.  Joan's zing to her idiot husband a few episodes back.  
Joan: I’m so glad the Army makes you feel like a man, because I’m tired of having to do it.   

And then there's my Peggy.  And my all time favorite from line from Peggy: One day, you're there. And then, all of a sudden, there's less of you. And you wonder where that part went, if it's living somewhere outside of you. And you keep thinking maybe you'll get it back. And then you realize: it's just gone.

Ahhh, I miss Mad Men already.  I miss Peggy. I miss Joan.  I think I'm going to even miss Lane!  I miss all the bourbon drinking.  And the smoking.  The wrangling of words and moral low ground.   Please come back soon!

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