Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Joy in a frame: #imeasytoplease

I love the beginning of each month.
Why?  Because I change out my Linnea calendar and I get to feel like I'm in a newly inspired space. At least for a while my brain wraps around the new image in the frame on my kitchen wall.  I'm totally addicted to these calendars!  Here's a snapshot of the 2012 offerings.

I feel the need to tell everyone about this calendar, because it is spectacular.  Each month there are the most excellent illustrations -  and they have a little more too them than what is immediately evident. Here are last years designs.  So for example, the tea cups in January...gorgeous -- but aren't you thinking, what will be in my tea leaves this year?

And speaking of beautiful illustrations.  I found these yesterday online.  This is exactly what it feels like on the NYC subway.  I just love these.  I need to find a way to make them part of my house.  I think of myself as the lady with the big hair and the polka dotted blouse - who is about to wake up with a very stiff neck.  My second choice is the man in the bear suit.  That could possibly be me but more likely i'd be wearing an Oscar Meyer Weiner costume.  Have a SPECTACULAR DAY!

Can I buy you a drink, Buffalo Plaid?

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