Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grey nights at the Gymnasium?

What do you think about this phenomenon? 

 I’m not sure how I feel about it.
The front desk gal at my health club is reading it.  She’s the type that wears low LOW (too low) scoop neck t-shirts to show off her cleavage but it’s all wrinkly and  creepy from too much tanning (both now and as a youth I’d guess).  When I look at her cleavage -- all I see is a butt crack - for real, it’s not attractive.  What is up with people and cleavage?  I’m not angry b/c I don’t have any, really I’m not, but there is clearly good cleavage and bad cleavage. Wait, I've digressed from my point...I'm getting to it..From my stint of 20 second interactions with her, she's clearly a blouwser, (blowser?  how do you spell blouwser?)  she’s always talking about something with a terrible Boston accent and usually sounds to NOT know what she’s talking about.  I’m pretty sure when she texts she uses a lot of ROTFL and LOLs…..it just feels right for her…I'm tempted to snatch her phone just to prove I'm right.  Oh god, of course I'm right.  Just so you know - I hate most all initial-ism expressions....that were created by 15 year olds ---TGIF....WTF! 

Anyhow, she’s reading it.  And it’s always sitting out on the front desk with this unmistakable cover.

Does it say, “Hey, I’m open minded, I’m hip, I’m in to pop culture and want to know more.” Or is it “I’m open minded and am hoping some guy walking in here will see this and know I’m looking to get laid?”  I’m conflicted with how I feel here.  I’m annoyed and intrigued all at once.    And then again, why would I possible care! 

Part of me really wants to write something like this, I hear the writing is absolutely horrific…
I'm totally doing it!

Here’s something I saw online. 
I think these might be more up my alley.

And the Saturday night skit was devilishly fun....I hope all you Montanans saw it....
here's a good youtube link for it.

Here's a shades of grey that is more up my style.  A Pantone Book.....who am i kidding.

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