Monday, June 4, 2012

One bourbon drinking triathlon running friend!

Well I had a busy (BUSY) weekend.

I was all jittery on Friday...for real -- I felt weird in the stomach.  Was I constipated?  Had I over carb loaded? I kept thinking my tires were going to deflate or my wet suit wasn't going to fit.  I also thought I might have been OVER hydrating. I kept picturing Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka -- except it was me and I was filling up with water.

Also, I had a phantom pain in my neck - felt like a stiff neck coming on.  Everything was feeling just a half a step off.
Here I am with my TRI BAG - its a IKEA bag,  It was giant but it fit all my stuff.  Thank god my friend Tim gave me the tip to bring a bucket to flip upside down to keep my sneakers dry!  It was invaluable.

I got my race packet on Friday afternoon and I stayed at a friend of a friend's house in Bourne.  It was an amazing joint, and I had my OWN SUITE!  A sweet suite at that!  And they turned on the hot tub for me!  Really a great way to relax before the event.

Inside the race packet was this Hammer Gel.  Montana Huckleberry -I didn't end up trying it.  I was too nervous to eat something I hadn't had before.  My race number - 574, my chip timing....and a bunch of flyers and ads.  I also bought new no-tie shoelaces on the recommendation of...guess who...TIM....and spent some time Friday night lacing up and de-lacing my shoes.

I had a bit of a headache Friday night and went to bed (in my Sweet Suite) at 9:30!

Here are some pics from RACE DAY....the bummer of the whole day was that 20 minutes before the swim ----they cancelled the SWIM...The water was too rough.  I was personally more worried about the bike b/c quite frankly, i don't train on my bike in the RAIN!

Here's me waiting for the waiting for the swim.  My tri-buddy Megan took it.  I look like a fierce athlete here right?

Here's me on the bike.  I was chasing down a 25 year old guy who looked to be riding a banana seat Schwinn...(it was actually a mountain bike that was just way to little for him!)

Oh and how do I know his age...well wonder of wonder, they write your age on your calf!  Isn't that amazing?  I knew how old every person was ahad of me.  On the run I chased after a 27 year old woman because I needed to catch her....and because she was 27 and my leg said 44!

Here is my perfectly formed calf....hahahahah....its not.  please don't zoom in, there is stubble..

More later...i must you want them..
I will post in a few.


  1. I've been wondering how these triathletes know how old the people they pass are when they write their race recaps! Now I know :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! My tri is Sunday and I'm heading to my second open water swim tonight. Eek! Although it should be much less scary now that I've tried it, and the water is way warmer than last week!

  2. Yes I totally stalked down a 27 year old and was SUPREMELY proud of myself....let's not discuss the 61 that passed me near the finish! DRAT!

    Where are you open water swimming?