Monday, June 18, 2012

My kind of town....

Chicago is!

I was in Chicago this weekend visiting one of my oldest friends --Meg.  (Marge to me, Megolopolis to Delmar and Marsh)  We've been friends since kindergarten.  I wish I had a picture when we were young to post.  I don't know why I don't.  It seems I should have full albums of just the two of us doing silly things, being stick thin, burning our bodies with Sun Tropic & aluminum foil.   You know what happens when you've been friends with someone that long?  You hardly need to talk anymore.  We could sit on her porch, drink a glass of wine, NOT SPEAK -- and it would be a great conversation.  (Of course, this never happens, b/c I am a big mouth) There are always tons of laughs and groans and more laughs whenever we get together.

Meg scheduled a work out with her trainer Matt on Friday morning before the RED SOX game (I visited under the guise of watching the Sox/Cubs game at Wrigley Field.) It was hard as hell.  Here I am thinking I'm in shape and I was rocked by this workout.  We threw these giant HEAVY medicine balls all over the place.  We did sprints.  We did soccer drills.  We sprinted again and lifted dumbells.  The silver lining was that I was guilt free drinking the 27 beers I had at Wrigley (ok 4) & eating nachos and a hot dog. (ok two.)  ALSO - I wore my RED SOX shirt to the game and nobody even threw a brat at me....for real....Midwestern people are nice.  But alas, my RED SOX lost the game.  They didn't even score a damn run! But I think it may have been a the best possible scenario b/c the people in the bars were all happy (albeit teasing me a bit) and the SOX won the remaining two games of the series against the Cubs.  I was victorious in my bet against a friend from my hometown.  The details were: if the Sox win the series I get FedExed Lou Malnattis deep dish Chicago pizza and if the Cubs win, I FedEX lobsters and clam chowder from Legal Seafood in Boston.  It looks like I'll be having pizza later on this week.  YAY.

Here's Meg & I Saturday night out in Logan Square.  Longman and Eagle.  The bar had two pages of whiskey.  That made me happy.  I made her eat oysters.  We had foie gras that was the size of a salmon & dnd duck meatloaf.  It was amazing.

Sadly I didn't get a chance to visit my hometown which is only about an hour and a half from Meg's place.  The plans just didn't come together and it ends up that my brother (who I usually stay with) was out of town anyhow. Maybe next time I guess.

And finally, here's Meg's little gal Lexie and I enjoying some pool time on  Sunday before I had to catch my flight.  This little chick is a fireball of energy!  A LOT OF FUN!

Must go, company in this week from Flo-rid-a!  Will be a busy one.


  1. Totally Cool in everyway.. EXCEPT the Cubs stuff and the not coming to CP stuff!!

  2. I know right! Next time for sure Mer.....would love to see your face!