Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Have I mentioned my niece & nephew rock!

They are here from Florida this week enjoying a little R&R before Kevin starts his residency in July.  I really want them to have a good time in Boston.  They're staying with me and my house is a bit of a wreck – remember I was in Chicago all weekend.  Their bed wasn’t even made when they got in on Sunday night!    But they are laid back and in their twenties so they can roll with these missteps.   

Courtney is an attorney and was a history major (I think) for undergrad so I thought she would appreciate some of the great sites in Boston.  So yesterday, we did some touristy stuff in the city-- but not too touristy. We went to the Granary Burial Ground, saw Sam Adam’s grave, rode the subway, walked the Public Garden, enjoyed a swan boat ride, & window shopped on Newbury Street.  Later we drank a Sam Adams --- weird after seeing his grave moments earlier -- and had dinner at the Russell House Tavern in Cambridge.  YUM….  Oh Courtney and I also snuck away from the boys to do a little shopping and I tried to convince her that hats look good on her, but she wasn’t buying it. (literally or figuratively)  This would be a great place to insert a picture of her in a hat, but I didn’t take one.  Dangit.

Our dinner conversation drifted to all things medical. I was grilling Kevin on every organ, it’s location, size, functions, possible failures, etc.  Now I know that your pancreas is the size of a bratwurst.  And so do you!

PS.  Courtney is NOT a picky eater.  (really she is)


  1. I was going to say that my bed was made when I arrived but after the picky eater comment I take it back. I am not a picky eater. I just have a bad reputation a la Joan Jett

  2. But I did say that "YOU ROCKED" AND that you looked good in hats....which you totally do! You should just own your pickyness and move forward with it.....today....oysters...or some other form of shellfish/seafood. we will see about that pickyness then.