Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seersuckered OUT!

Yesterday I was wearing a seersucker skirt and looking for men to tease about their lobster (or worse sea-horse) embroidered shorts.  Today I MUST get back to some sort of work out schedule.  I've been eating and drinking like a Mayan approaching the Apocalypse...

But back to yesterday...let me wax poetic there for a moment.  I visited Newport RI with the Floridians yesterday.  Newport is fabulous.  Newport is breezy.  Newport is summer. Newport is only one hour and 5 minutes from my house.  There was clam chowder, fish, Sam Adams, Dark and Stormies, Sangria, nachos, and a wedge of fried brie the size of my face!  YIKES.

On top of that, when we got back to Canton we decided (well it was Kevin leading the charge) to have a home cooked lobster dinner!  It was lobster murder.  One minute, I was pleading for the blue/red hard-shelled oversized bugs in grocery sacks and the next I was ripping them apart with my bare hands.  I don't know WHAT came over me!  And the butter -there was a LOT of butter!

But today its back to reality.  I am Newport-less. I am seersuckered out! I have a mountain of work on my desk.  It's stuff that I put off while my company has been in town -- and did I mention that its 95degrees outside.  I don't know which item is more oppressive. 

My brother thinks we look quite similar -- me and the lobstah

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