Friday, June 22, 2012

oh Sy.....

Today I've been thining a lot about Sy Montgomery.
Do you know her?  You should. 

I got to meet her last October!  She's FAMOUS!  Well, famous to me.  She has an entire bookcase of her friend's books - and that means, books her friends have written, not - as it would with me - books I haven't returned to my friends.

She wrote Birdology.  A book which my girlfriend Kristy & I had a cross-county book club reading. Then we planned a trip to NH to visit Sy.

Oh, so much fun we had that day on 90 mile road trip that lasted 7 hours!

Here's me feeding Sy's LADIES.....
 I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous at the moment this photo was snapped.  Those chickens were a bit fierce & were bearing down on me FAST!  But I look at this picture and I feel real happiness.  For the day, for the adventure, for making something happen that I wanted to do.  For having people in my life who care about me -- and for having people in my life whom I care about.

Enjoy it. 


  1. Sy and the chicken are leaning my way. They must be admiring my vest. Hi Mer!