Sunday, June 24, 2012

Run Happy!

I broke down and purchased new running sneakers yesterday. 

I'd been running in Nike Free 3.0 this year.  My last time in City Sports the sales guy looked at the shape of them and said, "well they're fine, if you like to run in your slippers."  And this caused me to take a hard look at the shoes.  First off, it must be noted - they are SO dang comfortable!  They took me through my first Triathlon!  I'm partial to them.  But truthfully, I was starting to spill out the sides of them and I had worn down all the "traction" on the soles.  They slip on so easily and with my no tie laces, I've gotten really spoiled with them.  They ARE like slippers I guess!

With that said --there are so many sneaks out there.  The Nike Free's were my first excursion into the minimalist territory.  (I'm still not running neutral, or at least I don't think I am.  I strike in the middle of my foot.  At least, I think so, def. not on my toes like I think the real minimalists do.)  I think I had been liking the more neutral running shoe.  For most of my adult post-children running life, I've worn Asics.  They seem to be nice and WIDE for me.  A lot of nice padding, but big right?  As a youth, I wore New Balance, big chunky -- kind of ugly but it a runners kind of way.  It was all good.

Now back to my shoe purchase.  There are just so many shoes....and not the fun to try on Jimmy Choos or Diors in Nordstroms kind of way.  It's hard to know if you like them until you hit the blacktop.  Many, ok MOST, of them have really bizarre color combinations too.  I don't really mind, but I'm not Usain Bolt - I won't be flying by at lightening speed so a little flash goes a LONG way.

I went with these Brooks.  My first pair of Brooks EVER!  They seemed a good combination of neutral with a little support too.  How the first run go?  I went out for a 5K and damnit --the right one killed my heel!  A big bloody blister.  It started rubbing about 2 miles in and I knew "There will be Blood" when I took the shoe off  (Think Curt Shilling bloody sock).  I think they were just too stiff on the back side. I need to step on it for a while to loosen it up. A bandaid will heal the blister right up, but lets hope for better luck tomorrow.

I can't spend another 2 hours in City Sports for a while, or the sales person will think I have a crush on him!

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