Thursday, July 12, 2012

Teenage drive-by

I was all set to do a post on food. Really, I was. There will be one coming shortly -- promise, with pictures and a recipe.

But first I must document the events of this night.  I can't skip over it, b/c I need to properly stow this item before I can move on to the next.  Like the pair of slacks at the very bottom of that suitcase.

>So first off, it was 91 degrees today.  That's fine.  It's hot, but luckily I have an air conditioner  And when I got home from work, I was dying to run with my NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST (its so fabulous, but it costs nine bucks a month, i will review if it's worthwhile at some later point) But anyway, I was ready to roll.

The outfit - the black running skirt, yes I run in a skirt sometimes and a sherbetish peachy colored tank top. Now, I'm off and cruising.  I'm feeling good.  I'm on song number three, mile number two. And a car comes by and slows and a kid is yelling out the window to me.  My first instinct (reflex) is that it's one of my son's buddies.  Or maybe even my son (he's often in a car at this age) trying to get my attention.  Clearly this person is yelling directly at me. The car has slowed a little.  Time has slowed a little. And his head is out the window and I look at him startled and realize -- I do NOT know him.  He's mocking me!

I don't know exactly what he yelled b/c my playlist was blasting -- but by the look on the face I knew it was disparaging.  Now....REALLY, what the hell is that!  Who yells at someone out on a run? My brain starts to quickly replay the moment, the shape his mouth made with the words, did he yell, FATASS?  What should I do?  Those kids looked my son's age.  Did I know him? No, I didn't know them.  The car?  Did I know that car?  No, I don't know the car.  Dang...I'm kind of pissed.  Mostly because in the startle moment I hit my phone weird and exited the whole Spotify APP!  I need to restart it, in my moment of wondering -- have the days of the cat-call completely disappeared for me?  The answer of course, is yes.

As I think most people would do what I did, which was NOT REALLY let it get to me. There have been a few yells over the years --it something that happens.  Especially if you're out there a lot.  And it certainly says more about the yeller than the yellee.  But ummm....did he get up at 6am this two loads of laundry before work.  Then work a full day and visit the bank and the grocery store?  What about folding laundry?  Did that kid fold any laundry today?  Or empty the dishwasher? I think NO.  But that's enough thought going into that bored kids shout out.  Now I will let it go. That rant is over.  It will wash over me like rain. I love the rain.

There it is, gone.   Next up food.  I promise.  Barring someone throwing a tomato at me tomorrow.

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