Friday, September 21, 2012

Last day of summer?

How can this be?
There is frost on the feet of my chiminea on the back porch!  It's disturbing.  Today I'm moving all my summer duds into the cedar closets and bringing up my winter clothes to my room.  I will also organize some bags to go to GoodWill. I'm tired already just by thinking of it!
But first the update on the final month of my summer. favorite month of the year.  It comes in all soft and sunshine and goes out with a splash of color and a windy October breeze.

Well my September came in with a visit from two of my oldest friends from home.  The reason?  September is my BIRTHDAY!  We decided to spend the weekend away in Maine. We stayed at the most fabulous hotel in Kennebunkport Maine called the Colony.  Here we's right on the ocean.  We had a glass of wine right outside next to that salt water pool right when we arrived.

 I had been hoping to do a special bike ride along the coast of Maine, and these two ladies (not having cycled in years) agreed!  We rented bikes and rode 25 miles along the coast of Maine and saw 7 lighthouses.

Here are some shots of the lighthouses and the ride.  You can imaging the laughs we had spending 4 hours on cruising bikes.  Back at our hotel, we chilled in the room, and I got to open the most FABULOUS present. I got a SIGNED copy of  Hal Higdon's Marathon Training book.  And a pair of Anna Beck earrings.  Lets see, what else, the next morning I got up and had a fabulous 5 mile run along the ocean.  It was such a nice switch up from my normal training regiment.  To look at the ocean on a run does something great to me.  Later, on the beach look who we ran into?  It was one those surreal moments. I'll tell you, Barbara was lovely.  Poor Kristy had to take the picture b/c the Secret Service man wanted no part of it!

Oh, summer went too fast.  It was a good one.  There's always a lot to think about after a birthday, goals,accomplishments?  I think I've been holding on to a lot of stuff I need to just cut loose.  Hopefully this will be my year to do it.

I'm certainly thankful I have people in my life like Kris & Michelle who rode their way around the coast of Maine for and with me.

Be well everyone, bring on my closets.


  1. It was great fun, Sharon......great fun. I only wished you would address the sheer volume of breakfast food you consumed after your Birthday run on the ocean.

  2. Well it's about time!!I've been waiting......
    Anywho, you sure know how to fill a few days in Maine. Man. Time goes by so quickly and I always feel September is the month that changes the most. We are hosting our last "scheduled" company this weekend then I must get this house in order. Give to the needy..Pull out the last of the garden etc. Peace, Love and Joy to you Miss Sharon.

  3. I just realized as I scrolled down from Barbara Bush, there was Bruce'll never top this summer.....ever.