Wednesday, October 3, 2012

time to get MOVING again....

To say that I've been on a bit of a bender would be an understatement.
I ate and drank my way through the month of September.  Lots and lots of food and drinks.  The month ENDED with a weekend that started at the Mandarin Oriental hotel (think chocolate covered strawberries, champagne & foie gras) and ended at $500 dollar a plate hoedown (think a barbeque to make Kansas City, Texas, Oklahoma and everywhere else proud)

I try not to step on the scale so I don't really know where I am with these "sins" - pounds wise.  And my clothes are still fitting, but its just that little bit of "flub" along the sides of me when I get into bed that disturbs me.  I'm not too worried about it.  I know I need to step up my workouts in the next few weeks and I'm planning on it,  but I'm a little stumped.  Sometimes the workouts DO get a little boring.  This isn't a surprise, of course they do -- they do.  So where to go?  I do a nice run routine that has started to feel like "a lifestyle"  There's weights?  Do I want to lift weights?  I know I should, but I don't.  I try to focus on the good things I have done for my health this year, instead of the stream of (they are never-ending) slip-ups.

This year I:
  • started running aggressively.  I've run 415 miles this year.  That seems like a lot to me. 
  • started swimming (now this is waning) 
  • started cycling (another thing that's waning)
  • dropped sugar from my diet .  (its not a diet)  as much as I could.  I even drink black coffee now.
  • dropped caffeine -- and yes, now that morning joe is decaf
  • dropped most cardboard boxed food that have > 5 ingredients or anything that I can't pronounce.
  • added more fish and dark green veggies.  

Life is long.  I just want to be as happy as I can for as long as I'm here. I am blessed that I CAN run, CAN swim, CAN cycle, or box or whatever.  Sometimes we all need a minute to refocus.  Maybe this month of September has been mine!  My girlfriend is on a journey of weight-loss.  It's been amazing to be following along with her.  I'm going to try to get her prospective for my next entry.  She's starting what seems to me a pretty intense food regime and she's going to give me the details.  She's assured me it's no "FAD" diet too, so thats good.  Well...even though all I want to do today is read my book and play my guitar. I've got to close this computer and go out and do something that will make me sweat.

Laters.   Go out, get fast.

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  1. I'm not sure what I'm more impressed with...running 400 miles or drinking your coffee black. You are a rock star that hob knobs with rock stars. Life IS long, my friend, glad ours intertwines now and again. xoxo