Monday, February 25, 2013

Mine eyes have seen the glory...

I can't see anymore.

For real. I am slowly losing my eyesight.  In the old age kind of way.  It's depressing.

More than wrinkles or droopy eyelids -this gets me.   The gig is up.  My indestructible boast-worthy perfect 20-20 eyesight is both a scam and a sham. It's over now. (cue bad singing w poor lighting)

My mom used to have me thread her sewing needles (she rarely sewed so it was infrequent, but I remember thinking, that's weird, why can't she see do this?  She could do everythng else. She permed my hair!)  I feel her pain.

I can't see the shades of my lipsticks anymore.  (see my lipstick post, that's rough, and possibly dangerous.)

God forbid, I need to read the MEID number from behind the battery of a cell phone.  In that case, I need to take a photograph then zoom in A LOT! I also have a hard time with some text messages

And tonight I couldn't read the dosage on some over the counter stomach stuff I purchased.  Why is the font SO DANG small.

I need readers. Tomorrow I'm going to purchase some. It's not a big thing.  I know its not, but putting down the mantle of youth feels like it will be.


  1. yes, i hear you.. i swear i awoke the day after my birthday and couldn't see to read the back of a can label. i thought to myself, maybe i have lotion in my eyes?. nope.. next aisle over~cheaters helped so i bought em.. dang!!!!

  2. true. at least mine are cute. photos to follow.