Sunday, March 3, 2013

I was born in a small town....

I am going to Indiana this weekend.  I say HOME even though where I'm staying isn't really anywhere near the part of the state where I grew up. But heading to Indiana always feels like going home. I love Indiana.  I love the way the people are friendly. I love the way they seem to really listen to you.  I love the way they wave when you're out for a walk.  I love how they wear tennis shoes and drink POP. But most of all, I love these amazing women I'm going to see who all live there.

There are eight of us hooking up in Indy this weekend.  We all grew up Hoosiers -six of them are Hoosiers still, one lives north of Chicago, and of course I live in Massachusetts.  We've all been friends since junior high or earlier.  Whenever I think of these ladies (really we aren't very ladylike) I think of that quote at the end of Stand By Me.

 "I never had any friends later on in life like the ones I had when I was twelve, Jesus, does anyone?"
We don't have any firm plans.  There will be booze, I'm sure (I hope)  There will be lots of riotous laughter.  The kind where you might accidentally pee a little (at our age it happens!) I have a bag packed and there are six skirts in it.  I am only there for two nights!  But just thinking about all of us in a room trying on each others outfits and jewelry and junky makeup - like we did before 8th grade dances -- made the skirts seem like a good idea.

I wish we all lived closer sometimes. Technology has played a big role in making weekends like this upcoming one happen - with Facebook, texts and skype.  So THANK YOU technology -but mostly it's an effort on each of our part to either be in or be out.  

And if by chance you fall out for a few years, the circle is never so tight you can't get back in.  
There are plenty of loopholes built into our friendships for that.  


  1. childhood friends are friends forever...... this makes me happy!

  2. There is indeed something to be said of friendships that span 30 years and counting. Friendships that started before bras and boys....friendships whose foundations were built with Barbie's and jump ropes and birthday party hats secured with elastic. I can't guarantee the survival of a marriage...I can't make my children go in the direction I think is best....but I can always count on these friends you speak of...the ones from Indiana...well, that and the fact that there most definitely will be booze and kidney leakage. Get your ass here...Welcome home, Red.

  3. I love the final two lines... perfection in summing up what these beautiful friendships are all about. Enjoy your time!