Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring cleaning - and shame

I was brainstorming on a blog post (and simultaneously watching Columbo, drinking coffee and texting Kris) and she said - why don't you just clean out your closet?

And I thought, this could be a good post.  And it might keep me honest about the ridiculous stuff I keep and possibly shame me into getting rid of some of it!  It COULD be brilliant.  (It will fall short I'm sure)  I believe I'm pretty good about getting rid of the stuff I won't wear again, but I KNOW I've got a pair of Ivory GAP corduroys in a drawer up there.  Why, why, why?

So where to begin?

Let's talk SCARVES?

Yes I seem to have a lot of them.  (ok and yes that is a MOP in the top of the frame of this picture.  Don't judge)  Scarves accumulate.

There are a bunch I've received as gifts -- you can't get rid of those?

There are the ones that are made of silk.  They seem really nice and I'm sure I will find some way to use them.  I read an article where you can fold them and turn them into summer belts?  and even headbands?  If I had headband-able hair this may prove useful, but ummmm....no. 

There are some that are really for keeping me warm.

And some are frivolous. OK MANY are frivolous. Some look completely ridiculous on me.  I keep thinking I'm going to wear them (the ridiculous ones), but never do.  They all seemed like such a good idea at the time.  

I look at this picture and feel overwhelmed.  Why do I have so many?  Should I even start this spring cleaning project?  It's practically summer anyhow.  I can't even begin to think about posting the crap that occupies the closets.

On a positive note, the Ivory GAP corduroys from 2006 have been located and sent to Goodwill.  Damn they still fit.  Would I have worn them again?

Now I'll never know!


  1. Scarves....and belts! Why is it so hard to part ways? Do you have the same trouble with shoes? And the time involved... oh, the time it takes to second-guess so much.

    I have so many scarves I could curtain every window in my house with them. *sigh* Maybe I'll use belts to attach them to the window sash. Sashes attached to sashes...

  2. Belts! Don't get me going on belts. You're right! I'm a bit better w/ shoes because I think its easier to KNOW in your heart when they are done. That said, I still have a pair of shoes my husband bought be in 1988 - AND I have worn them in the past month. Oh, to have so many choices I guess.