Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sharon likes to run for fun...

 YES - I'm alive. Exciting news Montanans.  I am training for the Chicago Marathon on October 13, 2013.  Yes it's completely exciting and also terrifying.  I didn't want to tell TOO many people for fear that I'd get injured early on in my training and then feel like a putz that I had to drop out.  Now, with all the running I'm doing, people are starting to catch on anyhow.  So, yep, its out there.  I'm going to push this 44 year old body (wait, I will be 45 by October) 26.2 miles through the streets of Chicago on a Sunday morning.... for fun.  Yep, I reread that and it does sound just a little insane.

I'm enrolled as a Charity Runner through the Red Cross, hence the Run RED Run lingo.  Here's a link to my page.
Feel free to make a donation if you'd like. (that would be terrific!)  Red Cross is a kick-ass organization, I'm so pleased to be running for them.

So the training.  There is a LOT of running.  Duh! I'm using Hal Higdon's marathon training book that my friend purchased me for my birthday.  (Thanks for that KG)  I also bought myself the Hal Higdon iphone app, which is pretty cool to run with too.  It tells me how far I need to run each day, when I need to rest and when I need to cross train.  (It doesn't tell me when I need to STOP drinking white burgundy so I won't have a big head for my run, but that's a problem to address later.) Hal - or at least I think it is Hal - periodically speaks to you during your workout with these bizarre zen-like words of advice.  One recent quip was, "Be like the flower in the meadow, no struggle."  I started laughing at that one.  I'm constantly struggling Hal!

I have 92 days left to train --so says my app.  Today was my first double digit workout.  10 miles.  My knees are tired and I have a dull headache.  Maybe I'm a bit dehydrated?  I'm trying to utilize this Chi Running form where my knees will be totally free of the running equation, but I'm still learning and practicing and body sensing.  It's coming a bit, but the work is slow.

I'm not going to feel guilty at ALL about eating a marshmallow milkshake tonight.  (The fact that I'm completely obsessing about it is a little creepy though.)

More on the training and the state of my knees, thighs, feet, toes and abs to follow.


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